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Citizen G'Kar
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No, no, I shan't bother with a biography here, first of all, there is nothing you need to know about me that can be learned in a handful of sentences, and second of all, information like this is all too often taken out of context and next thing I know I'm endorsing some new brand of Drazi hair tonic.

No, those who wish to understand me will have to spend a little more time and effort than a mere glance at a title page would offer. The Book of G'Kar (though I roll my good eye when I think of the lengths to which that's been misinterpreted) has been translated into over three dozen languages and is available at many of the galaxy's more upscale bookstores.

Any other questions you might have for me can almost assuredly be answered in the content of this journal, that is, as far as such questions and such answers are possible at all. I often find questions generally lead to more questions, and father away from definitive answers the deeper one goes into the line of questioning, but, as the Minbari say, "we are the Universe, trying to understand itself." And I suppose, despite what my overeager acolytes may think, or not think, as the case may be, that is what I am here for.

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